This mini air purifier uses ionised air to remove bacteria, smoke, pollen, dust and harmful particles from the air you breath. It has a working radius of approximately one metre and can be hung round the neck or stood on a desk.

Using this unique device removes and disperses micro-pollutants and also oxygenates the air your breath in.

Wear when in public, while shopping, in the office or in any environment where invisible and potentially harmful pollution could be an issue.

Rechargeable lithium battery that will last for about 35 hours per full charge using supplied USB cord.

The carbon fibre transmitting end releases anions (atoms that have an extra electron making them negatively charged) that perform a neutralising action effectively destroying positively charged bacteria.

Simple and safe to use for people of any age.

Tested in our laboratories and fully guaranteed by Breathe Ezy New Zealand Ltd.

Box contains air purifier, USB cord, attractive silver chain lanyard.

Mini Air Purifier


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