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Icecloud face and body spray uses only the most natural ingredients sourced from New Zealand.


Containing Pure New Zealand Water that has been extracted from deep below the surface where it has taken centuries to filter down to the deep aquifers.


To this crystal clear water we have added Manuka Honey, well known for its healing and health benefits.


The final ingredient is Ylang Ylang, a substance extracted from the flowers of the tropical Ylang Ylang Tree

With a naturally rich, floral scent and its ability to lift mood and help with relaxation it is seen as  “romantic” and stimulating.  The scent has the ability to positively impact emotions and can help create a calming, relaxing atmosphere in your home. It especially can be useful for soothing you through a rough day when a trace of IceCloud Face and Body spray will help you feel refreshed and calm.

Use on hot days, during a long flight or any occasion when you want to feel lifted from your daily round.

IceCloud Face and Body Spray – when only  the best will do.