Breathe EZY 60 PLUS, Pure New Zealand Air enhanced with 60% Oxygen - Breathe Ezy introduces a revolutionary product for people involved in low impact but strenuous activities.


  • Tired after a workout in the gym?

  • Need a pick-me-up after a day in the garden?

  • Breathe Ezy 60 Plus follows know science to provide the correct balance of Oxygen and Pure New Zealand Air for rapid recovery. Safer than pure Oxygen, 60 Plus allows rapid recovery with the danger of over-oxygenating.

  • Sold throughout the world and now available in New Zealand.


“I have had four stents put into my arteries recently. 60 Plus is a fantastic remedy if I am feeling over-tired. A few deep breaths and I feel so much better” A.M Papakura


“I am a representative international sportsman and 60 Plus provides the right balance of after sport recovery. I can strongly recommend it” P.M. Palmerston North


“Now I am in my 70s I find that I am quickly exhausted after simple jobs such as mowing the lawn. 60 Plus allows me to quickly recover my energy levels. It's just great.” A.W. Christchurch


“I am a representative lawn bowler. The herbs in 60 Plus clear my head before a match and I find only half a dozen breaths post-match get me on top of my form again.” M.B. Auckland



Breathe EZY has been applying solid research to its expanding range of products. One, in particular, has been developed specifically for people involved in physical activity, whether aggressive sports or simply a hard day in the garden. While Pure Oxygen has been available on the market for many years and serves a useful purpose,  there are some well-known issues associated with breathing pure oxygen. Many of these issues you will experience if you simply deep breathe for about thirty seconds.  On cessation you will feel dizzy, have blurred vision and may even need to sit down.


We have taken a modest and sensible approach to ensure the benefits of oxygen are enhanced but not overdone.  Received wisdom and most research would suggest that for people with normal lung function, breathing pure oxygen at low levels (ie under 10,000 feet) is not helpful as it simply is not effectively processed.


Instead, we looked at oxygen requirements in the arm down period following exercise.


Many sports people use pure oxygen for up to 30 minutes prior to exertion as this leads to higher blood saturation and a short term store of oxygen to give an advantage when the body is under heavy physical stress. On the other hand, sports warm-down requires a more measured approach to oxygenation.


Borsheim and Bahr (2003)[1] contend that in the recovery period after exercise there is an increase in oxygen uptake termed the ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ (EPOC), consisting of a rapid and a prolonged oxygen component. This is a result of natural or forced deep breathing after exercise to re-oxygenate.

While some studies have shown that EPOC may last for several hours after exercise, others have concluded that EPOC is transient and minimal. The conflicting results may be resolved if differences in exercise intensity and duration are considered, since this may affect the metabolic processes underlying EPOC. Nevertheless, many athletes turn to supplementary oxygen at warm-down to artificially increase blood oxygen levels to assist with re-oxygenation. As deep breathing is already a known factor in EPOC, adding to this with pure oxygen becomes somewhat wasteful.

We have studied such research and run a number of tests to ascertain how people react to various levels of oxygen for reoxygenation after exercise. Although our studies are largely qualitative, we have observed that about 60% oxygen in pure air appears to be a good balance and the 40% buffer of Nitrogen and carbon dioxide (see contents below) allows a more gradual reoxygenation avoiding hazards associated with hyperoxia.

Each canister of our SPECIAL EDITION 60 PLUS Oxygen contains about 150 deep breaths of:

Oxygen 60%

Pure New Zealand Air 40%

[1] Borsheim E, Bahr R (2003) Effects of exercise intensity, duration and mode on post-exercise oxygen consumption. Sports Medicine 33:14, pp 1037-1060

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