Where we gather Pure New Zealand Air®

New Zealand  is blessed with some of the purest air on earth so we don't have to travel far to find a suitable collecting site. Our Mobile Air Collection Team travels in a vehicle announcing who we are and we often get people  gathered around us at our filling stations. At the moment we are collecting in the area of Arthur's Pass and some of the higher ridges.  For bulk supply we have a large compressor that is trucked in and we use this to fill large pressure vessels that are taken to our base in Christchurch where they are decanted into export canisters.

However we are increasingly getting requests to fill a small number of canisters that remind people of somewhere special. For such orders we have designed a small portable compressor and filtration plant that is able to be carried into more remote areas.


One of our customers asked "Why do we filter the air, when it is anyway so pure?" Our answer is that we want to make absolutely sure that there is not even the slightest impurity so our high grade filters include activated charcoal, a moisture filter and nano-filtration to remove even the most minute speck of dust or trace of bacteria.


'When only the best will do ...' means that Pure New Zealand Air® has to be simply the best. No less.


Apart from the Southern Alps or the coastline near Christchurch, we are also harvesting PURE NEW ZEALAND AIR® from other popular destinations including the West Coast, Tekapo, Wanaka and Queenstown, in fact our Mobile Collection Team can harvest air from virtually any location requested.


If you're travelling around the country, look out for our trailer units, talk to members of our team and see how this unique harvesting is managed when only the best will do. 

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