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Independent Laboratory tests demonstrate that Breathe Ezy products contain less than 0.01 ppm demonstrating that Breathe Ezy

Pure New Zealand Air ®  is many times purer than WHO guidelines for good quality breathable air.

Breathe Ezy is pleased to announce its new range of air products, now packed into smart and easily portable aluminium canisters with our patented 'sipper'mask for convenience.

IceCloud rehydrating face and body mist

Pure New Zealand Air enhanced with 60% oxygen for sports warm-down



New Zealand is one of the most beautiful yet isolated countries in the World. 


The cool Westerly Trade Winds bring pure and uncontaminated air to New Zealand. The winds curl around the Antarctic region and the Southern Ocean passing over no major landmass or populated area.


The air New Zealanders are fortunate to breathe arrives on our shores crisp and clean as some of the freshest and purest air in the World.


We are proud to offer a product that in New Zealand is considered by the Maori as a treasure or ‘taonga’ and which is a life-giving privilege we are proud to share.


Perhaps using some of our PURE NEW ZEALAND AIR ® will encourage you to visit this wonderful country, meet the friendly people and experience for yourself some of the wild and unspoiled landscapes.




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